Forms & Fees

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Marching Band entry fee is $300.00 and Drum Line entry fee is $150.00
A1 Marching Band Entry (through OpusRegister)
A2 Marching Band Adjudication
B1 Drum Line Entry (through OpusRegister)
All State entry fee is $25.00 per person

All State Band, Jazz Band and Orchestra members pay a $15.00 music fee

C1 All State Band Entry (through OpusEvent)
C2 All State Choir Entry (through OpusEvent)
C3 All State Orchestra Entry (through OpusEvent)
C7 All State Jazz Band Entry (through OpusEvent)
C8 TPSMEA Student Code of Conduct
 Region entry fee is $12.00 per solo & $9.00 per ensemble member
D1 Solo/Ensemble Entry Instrumental (Region) (through OpusContest)
D2 Solo/Ensemble Entry Vocal (Region) (through OpusContest)
D3 Solo and Ensemble (Region)
D4 Solo and Ensemble (Region)
 State entry fee is $12.00 per solo & $9.00 per ensemble member
D6 Solo and Ensemble Vocal (State) (through OpusContest)
D8 Solo and Ensemble Instrumental (State) (through OpusContest)
Vocal Concert & Sight-Reading entry fees

  • Concert only entry fee is $250.00
  • Concert & Sight-reading fee is $300.00

Instrumental Concert & Sight Reading entry fees

  • Concert only entry fee is $250.00
  • Concert & Sight-reading fee is $300.00

Recording Fee for Concert & Sight Reading is a maximum of $50.00

(Recording fees may vary according to location and cost to TPSMEA)

E1 Concert and Sight Reading Entry (through OpusRegister)
E2 Concert Adjudication printed through OpusRegister
E3 Sight Reading Adjudication printed through OpusRegister
E4 State Seating Chart
E5 Program Information Sheet
HS Region Orchestra is $23.00 per person

MS Honor Ensemble are $22.00 per person

There is also a $10.00 participation/music fee for each member selected

F1 Middle School Honor Band Entry Form (through OpusEvent)
F2 Middle School Honor Choir Entry Form (through OpusEvent)
F3 Middle School Honor Orchestra Entry Form (through OpusEvent)
F4 MS Honor Choir Commitment Form
F5 MS & HS Honor Orchestra Commitment Form
F6 MS Honor Band Commitment Form
Non Auditioned & Children’s Honor Choir fee is $30.00 per person
G1 Children’s Honor Choir Registration (through OpusRegister)
G2 Other Non Auditioned Ensembles (through OpusRegister)
Z1 Appeals Form