TPSMEA CPE Classes and Descriptions

TPSMEA Continuing Professional Education


Every year, TPSMEA offers Continuing Professional Education and Development for its members during the All State Weekend. The following workshops have been offered in the recent past.



Best Practices for Recording Your Students

Presenter: Andy Steward, The Oak Ridge School

In this session, participants learned the importance of recording quality in the all state process. Directors learned about different equipment and price points, microphone placement, and audio production software, and post production packaging of audio files.



Energizing Inefficient Voices

Presenter: Lindsay Medina, Frassati Catholic High School

Directors are often challenged by students who lack the physiological awareness to properly use their voices, and students are easily frustrated by a voice that just won’t “work.” In this session, educators learn to identify and address the symptoms, causes and cures for inefficient vocal production frequently heard in middle school and high school choirs.



Vocal Jazz Techniques

Presenter: Sarah Shannon, Travis Academy of Fine Arts

Educators identified differences between jazz and classical musical style, practiced jazz ear training exercises, and discussed improvisation and scat singing resources. Additionally, educators learned to scaffold jazz exercises through specific rehearsal techniques and discussed how to start and audition a jazz music ensemble.



Tried and True Choral Literature

Facilitator: Cate Gasgow

A panel of directors shared literature they turn to time and again. This reading session featured works for middle and high school choirs, single gender choirs, mixed choirs, and flexible voicing. Teachable moments, particularly those highlighting difficulties with range, diction, and tuning, were emphasized.



Tried and True Literature for Ensemble and Concert Contest

Facilitators: Cate Gasgow & Andy Stewart

In this session, directors briefly reviewed the policies for the Solo & Ensemble and Concert & Sight Singing Contests. A panel of directors then shared their favorite ensemble and concert pieces, highlighting their UIL classification level, and identifying particular teaching moments.