2022-2023 All-State Orchestra Etudes click here


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New 2022-2023 All-State Orchestra audition cuts.


Violin etudes:

Cut 1: Fiorillo- beginning to first note of bar 17.

Cut 2: Kruetzer- Beginning through first note of bar 23.


Viola etudes:

Cut 1: Fuchs: bar 1 through end of bar 26.

Cut 2: Campagnoli: Beginning through first note of bar 17.


Cello etudes:

Cut 1. Duport- beginning through beat 3 of measure 18.

Cut 2: Popper- Play from beginning to end of 26.


Bass etudes:

Cut 1- Storch-Hrabe No. 4- Beginning through end of bar 25.

Cut 2- Storch-Hrabe No. 26- Bar 21 to end of bar 48



Thomas Taylor Dickey to conduct the 2023 All-State Orchestra


Gold Prize Winner in the 2022 World Classical Music Awards and the 2nd┬áPrize Winner of the 2019 Mozart & Tchaikovsky International Conducting Competition, Thomas Taylor Dickey has been reviewed by critics as a “dynamic and exciting conductor” whose conducting is “imbued with aplomb, energy, and pathos.” Thomas currently serves as the Director of Orchestral Studies at Oklahoma State University, where he conducts the OSU Symphony Orchestra and guides all aspects of the orchestra and graduate orchestral conducting programs. He is also the Music Director & Conductor of the OSU Youth & Community Orchestras. Prior to his appointments in Oklahoma, he was the Director of Orchestral Activities at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and Music Director & Conductor of the Dubuque Symphony Youth Orchestra (IA).

Thomas has conducted many professional orchestras throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, including the Bucharest Symphony and Bacau Philharmonic Orchestras in Romania; Danube Symphony Orchestra in Hungary; Belgrade Chamber Orchestra in Serbia; Lyatoshinsky Symphony Orchestra in Ukraine; Shenyang Symphony in China; the North Czech and Moravian Philharmonic Orchestras in the Czech Republic; Atlantic Coast Orchestra in Portugal; London Classical Soloists in England; and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in Canada, in addition to the Bakersfield, Macon, Missouri, Norwalk, Rapides, Springfield, and Tulsa symphonies; the Saratoga Orchestra of Whidbey Island; the Smoky Mountain International Chamber Orchestra; Naples Philharmonic; Rose City Chamber Orchestra; and the Chicago Reading Orchestra. He has also worked with numerous all-state, honors, and university orchestras in Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Thomas holds degrees from Eastern Illinois University, LSU, and the University of Georgia. He has worked with conductors such as Jin Wang, Jorma Panula, Carl Topilow, Christopher Zimmerman, Daniel Lewis, Gustav Meier, and Diane Wittry, and further studied conducting in numerous workshops and masterclasses at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts, Cleveland Institute of Music, and Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, among others.