The Beginning…


Discussions began in January of 1990 at an All-State Band weekend sponsored by the Texas Catholic Bandmaster Association.  Although the organization was not exclusively represented by parochial schools, the only other Texas association that hosted events for private schools was the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) and those events were available for TAPPS member schools only.  The need for an institution that would recognize the needs of all private and parochial schools and foster a spirit and commitment for all aspects of music educations was recognized and supported.  A group of inspired directors committed that weekend to the research and development of such an association with the goal to introduce an expanded organization with emphasis on music education for all students in parochial, private and home schools in January 1991.

All-State Locations


Location – South Padre Island – created/sponsored from Texas Catholic Bandmasters Association/Texas Conference of Bandmasters Association with Band and Orchestra as All-State ensembles.  Donations which supported the weekend came from the Texas Composers Forum, NEA, Texas Commission on the Arts and the General Mills Foundation.  Twenty-Four (24) High Schools participated.