TPSMEA 2020-2021

Middle School and Children’s Honor Choir


Austin (Willow Meadows Baptist Church)
Nov 6-7, 2020
MSHC Clinician Cate Gasco and CHC Clinician Penny Gabrielsen


Dallas (Lovers Lane United Methodist Church)
Nov 13-14, 2020
MSHC Clinician: Lindsay Swartwood and CHC Clinician Liz Moreno



CUT #1 – Shalom Aleichem (Cut track begins on pg. 12 m. 74)

ALL enter at m. 76 “Shalom…”
Students sing through to end of song m. 94 “Shalom”

*Students auditioning for soprano part sing the high G on top of page 15 m. 92-94


CUT #2 – All Ye Who Music Love (Cut track begins with count off to intro of song)

ALL enter at m. 1 “All…”
Students sing through to end of m. 42 “la”


Children’s Honor Choir Rep List


1. Cantate Hodie (2-part) – Mary Lynn Lightfoot – 8067138


2. Stars and Moonbeams (2-part) – Denice Rippentrop – 10352295


3. Bandyrowe (2-part) – Susan Brumfield – 11000948


4. When I Am Silent (SA) – Joan Varner – 3052495


5. I Ku Mau Mau (2-part) – Ruth Morris Gray – 10997457


6. God Be In My Head (2-part) – Andrea Ramsey – 10098665


7.It’s Ragtime (2-part) – Kirby Shaw – 3301216


Middle School Honor Choir Rep List


*1. All Ye Who Music Love (SAB) – Baldassare Donato/Robinson – 3285400


2. Singabahambayo (SAB) – Victor C. Johnson – 10513128


3. Dance On My Heart (SSA) – Allen Koepke – 1826932


4. Rest Not! (TB) Laura Farnell – 10043946


5. Danny Boy (SAB) – arr. Linda Spevacek – 1787241


*6. Shalom Aleichem (SATB) – arr. Audrey Snyder – 10761452


7. Witness (SAB) – arr. Jack Halloran – 3291523

*signifies audition piece


Click here for Middle School Honor Choir Rehearsal CD



Middle School Honor Choir

The TPSMEA Middle School Honor Choir is an SATB “auditioned” choir. The choir is made up of 7th and 8th grade students. Each teacher selects students to submit a recorded audition for judging. You must register your students by the deadline listed above at www.tpsmea.opusevent.com. You must be a current TPSMEA member to submit  an audition. Links for membership to TPSMEA are available on the www.tpsmea.org website. Auditions are judged by participating teachers and, in some cases, guest judges. *Please contact us with any specific requests for exemptions to the 7th and 8th grade eligibility rule…i.e., younger students with changed voices.

Children’s Honor Choir

The TPSMEA Children’s Honor Choir is comprised of outstanding 5th and 6th graders from each school and selected for participation by their teacher. (Students should be no younger than 10 and no older than 12 on the date of the event) Please contact us with any specific questions regarding eligibility of students. There is an “online” and an “in hand” deadline that participating teachers observe. Make sure to check the dates on the TPSMEA vocal calendar. You must register your students by the deadline listed on the calendar and at www.solochair.com

You must also be a current TPSMEA member to register students.

Things You Should Do Today

1. Get information and join TPSMEA today by clicking here.
2. Order rehearsal and accompaniment CDs from Bass Line Productions
3. Order music from from a local music vendor and begin preparing your students.
4. Check the calendar deadlines and performance dates for events.
5. Read TPSMEA Handbook to better understand the MSHC and CHC process.

Lisa Gervig, TPSMEA Elementary Vice President