Band Adjudication Guidelines

TPSMEA Band Adjudication Guidelines

(approved Jan ’06)

  1. Each recording should be clear of any visible identifying marks.
  2. The audition can be held in one round with the first randomly assigned audition letter.
  3. If live judging, the monitor should call out the audition letter before and after the performance – “This is letter 1R, as in rabbit.” Play the recording.  Then, “That was letter 1R, as in rabbit.”
  4. The judging panel should listen to the audition portion of each recording in its entirety.
  5. The judges should refrain from any comments relating to the performance of the recording.
  6. At the conclusion of the audition, if using paper forms, judges should exchange judging sheets and check the math of each entry and initial the sheet when finished.
  7. If using paper forms, when all tabulations are finished and the math has been checked, sign your judging sheet (and THIS SHEET) and place them in the folder. The folder should be taken to the tabulation room.
  8. Scoring is based on 100 points per etude. Each judge must break his/her ties, if any, before submitting tabulation sheet.
  9. Each qualified recording must be given a score between 1-200.
  10. If the recording goes PAST the required cut, the monitor will be instructed to stop playback. No points should be deducted.
  11. If the recording is significantly shorter than the required cut, the judges should deduct points from that etude’s score. Example: 1-2 measures omitted = 10-20 points; 3-5 measures omitted = 20-40 points; more than 5 measures = 60 points. A score of zero should only be given in the event the student omits an entire etude or if he/she plays the incorrect etude (different page; different year’s etude; etc.)
  12. Any other problems that arise during the adjudication of recordings should be immediately brought to the attention of the Band Division Vice-President (if live auditions, he/she must be in attendance at each adjudication site).

This page should be given to each judge and monitor at the adjudication. Please sign this form and turn it in with the judging sheets.

Judge’s Signature______________________________Date______

If judging at a site, results will be available at the adjudication site for directors to see as sections are completed and posted on the website within 24 hours following the completion of the last section. Tabulated results will be final by 5:00PM on Friday following the second adjudication date.