All State Housing Information



Here you’ll find information about housing for All State.  This information is mainly for members who are bringing students to the All State Clinic and Concert and as information for parents of those students.  The Student Code of Conduct must have all necessary signatures and handed in during registration for a student to participate in the All State Clinic and Concert.  For 2022, TPSMEA will also require additional signed documents and forms related to the COVID pandemic including an Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability Form.  Check with your teacher/director for additional information.  All students who are members of an All State Ensemble must stay at the TPSMEA designated hotel on Thursday and Friday nights.

The All State Clinic and Concert lodging and rehearsals will be held in Richardson, Texas at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel.

The concert will be held in the Charles W. Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts.

The All State Clinic and Concert starts on Thursday, January 27, 2022 with the concerts being on Saturday starting at 4:00. Registration begins at 10:00 on Thursday with rehearsals/chair placement auditions start around noon.

The room cost for 2022 is $154.00 per night whether there is one person or four people in the room. Added to that cost are certain state and city taxes which are currently 13%. If you bring a tax exempt form with you, or faxed it down early with your school credit card, you will be exempt from Texas State Sales Tax only (6%). You will still have to pay the other city hotel taxes.

The phone number for the hotel is 972-367-2000.

The fax number for the hotel is 972-367-3333.

BEFORE you go home for Christmas break, I need a list of directors, chaperons and students who will be attending the All State Clinic and Concert emailed to me on the spreadsheet form I will send out around the 1st of December. I know some of you will not know the names of the chaperons or bus drivers till we get closer to the date so “chaperon” or “bus driver” will work fine. Our rooming list is due to the hotel on December 26th. I will be working during the Christmas break to make our initial room request. Please make sure the names on your email are spelled correctly because I use the rooming list to make up the name tags for everyone.

Ron needs to know the following for each room:

1.) Your rooming list should show who’s in each room (a maximum of 4 to a room)

2.) if you’re leaving on Saturday night after the concert or Sunday

3.) if your adult rooms need two double beds or one king bed

4.) any special needs for you or a student.

Email me the information at

In an effort to keep costs lower, if your student would like to share a room with students from another school, you should contact and make arrangements with the director from the other school prior to emailing the information to me.  You and the other director should make arrangements concerning the payment to the Renaissance Hotel prior to arrival. The room will cost the same whether or not there are two, three or four in the room and the cost must be shared by each person in the room.

After January 1st, I will be emailing copies of the spreadsheet with the room information for you to check and make sure what’s on the spreadsheets going to the Renaissance Hotel is correct.

The last day to make corrections on the rooming list will be the Friday before All State begins.

Finally, even if you don’t have students participating in the All State Clinic and Concert, plan to attend. Friday is consumed with the Division and General meetings and TPSMEA makes a lot of decisions effecting the next year at this gathering.  Your ideas and vote are needed.  We need every member there in January at the division meetings and the general meetings!

Make plans to attend!!